Ls1 rough idle when warm

5. mc22398 hyd 4 234 238 296 300 . My daughters car had a rough idle and a P0300 code. highway star I'll check that out but my problem only happens under acceleration, car always idles fine. My PCM was just reprogrammed by pcmforless based on my recent upgrades. 99 . It only starts feeling rough once it has fully warmed up. Idle RPM (warm,not moving): Idle speed when vehicle is not moving and engine is warm. My car bothered me at first with how bad the idle is when cold, but it is totally fine when warm. In the mean time I had it tuned up, changed the spark plugs and wires, changed the fuel filters (including the one in the gas tank), played with the idle, and nothing worked. 480. Thing that bugs me the most is on initial start up it was not missing it just started surging when it started to warm up. if the pressure is still fluctuating with the RPM's you should be ok. 538 . Jul 30, 2004 · 1. Not too bad, but noticeably lower than the normal Oct 14, 2007 · 2003 Silverado Ext Cab 5. Hope this helps. 44 rwhp and 388. Hello. Once it is warm, the idle starts going up and down and in traffic sometimes the car wants to move forward. I agree with this. Timing is 16-17* at idle (spout out). Apr 01, 2006 · Yes it did idle rough from the factory. 3 5. On a cold start, per the tune, engine rpm should start high and gradually slow down as engine temp rises (until the opposite happens and starts overheating of course). Must use 1. but I am bit if a perfectionist and it annoys the crap out of me. Now its gotta cam and pro top line sports heads so this may explain but well see. No smoke, smell, or anything happening While driving at low rpm's (under 1500 probably) it will stumble every once in a while, most noticeably under very light throttle. 3 when at temp. I know its no Holden but its my new daily. Show Full Signature Pacesetter LT's, Vararam, GMM Ripshift, Borla Catback, Catless Mids, 3. It gets better when its warm, but even stopping at lights you can feel a shake. Got it tuned by vitviper and on the first datalog he told me you primary o2 sensor was going static and dumping full fuel. So, once there're visible signs of rough idling, troubleshoot the  30 Jun 2017 I'm thinking there's something up with the Bank 1 02 sensor wiring that's causing a bad reading and fouling my sensor. My understanding is that vibration in the seat is usually from mounts, but that mounts will be worse when cold - not when hot? When I increase my RPM to 1400, my car feels normal. 584/. 5 in case the narrow bands were reading funky had to lean it out @18% cold and 13% warm to Mar 10, 2011 · LS1 Camshaft Dyno Test - LS1 Camshaft RoundUp, Part 1 - Tech A Stock LS1, An Engine Dyno, And The Largest Camshafts We Could Get Our Grubby Little Hands On . Idle RPM AC Adder: This value is added to the base idle RPM when the AC is on. It always idles kinda rough tho "Tops off, tach up baby- loud and proud!" A Camaro lover from day one- 1996 3. It'll start fine, run up to high idle, then drop to a low idle of about 700 rpm, and then over about 2-3 min drop do … read more Apr 24, 2009 · My 2000 saturn ls1 136K miles, runs really rough. 91s, Ls7 clutch, Mav Man CF hood, GFocre 1 piece DS, Ls2 Portworks Manifold & TB, JamesBiz CC, IAT relocate, 06 Tails, Splitter, Red stuff, more Blue stuff. Could be a problem with the impeller, a trapped air pocket (as you note, this one isn't a normal Honda issue), could be either the impeller or the pulley of the water pump slipping on the shaft too. ) Jul 08, 2009 · Thanks for answering. When the cars idle gets rough, it hard to comprehend the related causes. C. The temperature gauge drops to 100 from about 210 and the car stutters. . 8 V6 Camaro , to 1996 5. In my neighbor's Blazer, the PCM wasn't even registering a P0300, but it was obviously running very rough (at idle that is). Lambda values less than 1. Apr 28, 2016 · Just rebuilt a LS1 with a Comp Torquer v2, 232/234 . Feb 16, 2012 · rough idle and stalling until warm. Any ideas? IAC valve? The AAC valve increases the engine idle speed until the engine warms up and then the IAC is supposed to take over, provided it's clean, working properly and the manual idle speed adjustment is set low enough to allow the IAC to control the engine idle speed (should be about 675 rpms with the engine fully warmed up, the transmission in D and fully stopped with your foot on the brake). Turn the screw to adjust the idle speed to 650 RPM +/- 50 RPM. 0 liters. The LSA is largely responsible for the idle quality of an engine. rough idle turbo valve spring kit & moly pushrods required . 587 with 112 lobe separation. It's not the spark plug, wire, or ignition pack Twitter: @RustyToolbox Insta: rustytoolboxbuilds - The Rusty Toolbox Jan 31, 2008 · Z28 Still Has Rough Idle Wtf???? This is a discussion on Z28 Still Has Rough Idle Wtf???? within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by sscamaro1384 so if this is my problem, what is the solution? new maf? clean existing one? Jun 01, 2012 · How to cure rough- and/or high-idle issues in your driveway. 00 to replace and reprogram it. Help Me Diagnose LS1 Rich Issue! - Duration: 17:05. Oct 14, 2017 · Hello all! I just purchased a 1990 C4. I recently couldn't pass inspection because some codes are reading not ready even though no check engine lights are on. Mar 21, 2008 · You will find that the old sensor is plastic and it cracks and will read incorrectly sending the fuel trim ski high causing high idle and sometimes a hard start when hot. Now it's happening even when the car is warm. 0L, 6-cyl, 94K miles, 10W-30 oil (OEM spec) I’ve always used full synthetic oil in this vehicle, due to the sub-zero winters we have here in Minneapolis that turns non-synthetic oil into molasses. Re: Rough idle in 5. May 02, 2009 · LT1 motors are notorious for low oil pressure at idle when hot. 2 when warm. 1st and foremost, my commanded 1000-950rpm target idle speed doesn't actually happen until the engine is warm. 30 gears and Truetrac carrier. Stalling And Backfiring. When cold the oil pressure is around 50 and when warm it goes from 23-30. This is a discussion on Rough Idle When Cold within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hi, Im new to the board. I assume this is related as well, but it will not idle without feathering the gas for a minute or so. 3. However this should mostly be an issue at idle and not with throttle. The factory programming may not provide enough idle speed when the A/C is on, when the alternator is under high load or when the temperature is extremely hot or cold. They may jump, for example, from 550 to 560 down to 540. Rough running during warm up could be failing mass air flow sensor, vacuum leak, low fuel pressure. Has new engine new plugs wires injectors when starts misfiring can shut down start back up and runs fine until a few minutes then starts again. Dec 06, 2009 · What can cause a slightly rough idle on an '03 silverado with a 5. A faulty oxygen sensor can disrupt any of these things and cause a rough engine idle. It's been sitting about 1. Once the car warms up it runs and idles great. 0, it misses on cylinder 2 and 7 at an idle 6-700rpm but not at 1000rpm. 98 : ur 247t : dur @ . You will have a slightly rough idle but the vehicle Rough Idling. Just a possibility Jun 02, 2019 · Run her hard for a bit and the idle is smooth again. 4th Gen Camaro LS1 (1998-2002 Camaro) Aug 16, 2007: Surging: 4th Gen Camaro LS1 (1998-2002 Camaro) Nov 2, 2006: Rough Idle on Cold Start: 4th Gen Camaro LS1 (1998-2002 Camaro) Oct 9, 2014 The idle air control valve is programmed to regulate and maintain the engine idle speed at a constant rate. 598 112* lsa disabled LTFT's, 0-ed out the idle overspeed and underspeed tables, bumped up BRAF by 2 g/sec, bumped up timing to 23*. 99 SS LS1 Cold Start rough idle HELP If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. 060! I brought them down to . It misses at idle, I would call it a cough or stumble, you can see the lights dim slightly at night. The extra lift increases power and torque across the range. 7 LS1 Camaro SS , and NOW, a [I]6. C6 Corvette 2005 Rough Idle & Misfire P0300 (Solved: Okay so my 1996 Camaro Z28 has a rough idle and the oil pressure fluctuates up and down. Car is a 1997 Mazda B series 2600 (G6 inj. Get your IAC's in park, hot, in the 20's. When you get that bad idle I bet your instant gal/hr goes to around 1. Loading Unsubscribe from Saudi Hot Wheels? Cancel Unsubscribe 1999 Pontiac Trans am ASA CAM LOPEY IDLE ls1 ws6 - Duration: 0:53. Once the engine warms up ,no problem. Once warm idles a  Also the MAF sensor can cause the engine to run rough, I would try I let it warm up to about 200 degrees or so, drove it for about 15 minutes and it was driving a lot better than before. 8 roller rocker aps power range 2800 to 6600 tuning & stall converter required rough idle xd turbo valve spring kit XFI Hydraulic Roller-Strong mid-range and top end. However every now and then it drops down to about 500 RPM and then quickly back up to about 1200 then goes slowly down to 1000 and stays there for a bit until I go again or it drops again. My truck only has 48K on it and Ive never had any problems with my truck. 470 . 400" chromoly pushrods, stock LS1 lifters, and ls2 timing chain. Idle speed can be tuned for a smooth idle or a noticable lope. The fix here may be to reflash the PCM with the latest OEM update. For mild cams, an idle ignition timing advance of approximately 16-18 degrees will do. ALL LS1s make this noise when theyre cold. Jump to I've got about 750 miles on my GTO and have noticed a rough idle. or it will run ok, but when I start driving will have loss of power and pressing gas doesn't help. The mechanic said it's the computer( common fault) with Commodore. Once I fixed it it was fine. 9L, I4, 2008, Colorado, Auto Problem/Symptoms: Idle surges and oscillates and drops low in the process of surging. The other is that running hot at traffic lights, etc. Noticed on a dead cold start, I was commanding an air/fuel as it warmed up to keep air/fuel around 14. I did a bit of scanning yesterday and noticed a lot of random misfires across all cylinders. This may result in an unusually high or low idle speed, or in some cases a surging idle speed that repeatedly climbs and falls. If I connect the ODB scanner sometimes I'll see a P0300 multiple random cylinder misfire (but check engine light doesnt actually come on all the time). Tweet. 00 indicate a lean condition. RPM operating range 2000-6000: 07-467-8: Lift: . On this episode we reveal a common source of faults that can cause a rough idle or at times a stalling condition, and how to easily diagnose Jul 25, 2007 · Rough idle on startup cold and hot hi to all, Im new to this and would like some advice. I ordered crankshaft sensor camshaft sensor i cleaned the mass air flow sensor myself. Mar 23, 2008 · Suadi LS1 Z 240 Rough Idle Saudi Hot Wheels. Has a random no start, only when warm. An AIC unit can go bad by short circuiting and stop working or build up a high electrical resistance. 19 Apr 2019 When the cars idle gets rough, it hard to comprehend the related causes. Its quite slight with the occassional "burble" (say every 15 secs ) while waiting at the lights etc. Jump to Latest Follow A forum community dedicated to all LS1 and LT1 powered vehicles owners and enthusiasts. And when I accelerate it jerks a tiny bit through each gear. May 06, 2009 · the idle does flucuate slightly as the ac pump cycles but only about 100 rpm, nothing like it is going to stall. I let it warm up for a few minutes and it will slowly start to run rough until it is completely chugging and eventually shuts off and smells of raw gas. Went from low idling to the idle getting too low to keep the battery charged to the above mentioned issue. 7 liter vortecs. There could also be another sensor that is telling the computer to compensate, and in turn, this causes the idle Nov 28, 2011 · I have a 2000 Saturn LS1. Car runs fine for the first 8-10 min (probably until it reaches a closed loop state) then it begins to misfire or hesitate when accelerating and run rough when idling. Fix it all up and no more smoke and then you have a tire shredder. In Park or Drive when stopped at a light, the idle gets pretty rough and stays around 300-400 or say and often stalls when turning a corner as well. D. running rich. 4th Gen Camaro LT1 (1993-1997 Camaro) Mar 18, 2007: Exhaust Popping, Rough Idle: 4th Gen Camaro LT1 (1993-1997 Camaro) Mar 1, 2007: 97 LT1 low/rough idle when in drive: 4th Gen Camaro LT1 (1993-1997 Camaro) Jun 22, 2017 After I run the car (let it warm up) for 3-5 minutes, the idle speed drops and everything is fine. And it is idling at 500rpms, and seems worst in the last few days especially when it warms up. (fast idle control device) valve. Once I arrive at work the truck The idle stablizer valve is also heat related. LS1 no start and rough idle issue Dont even know where to start with a search, tried heat soak and vapor lock, but not coming up with what I need. - Duration: 7:30. Or something like that if its going to be a nice day for you. Mar 12, 2017 · LS1 DRILLING HOLE IN THROTTLE BODY FOR MAXED IAC VALVE - Duration: Trans Am LS1 big cam cold start and warm idle - Duration: 2:08. 550 rpms and stalls during warm up when comming to a - Answered by a verified Chevy Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Dec 30, 2018 · Supposed to be a 408 but doesnt make torque like one so who knows, cam supposed to be in the 230s so it should idle/drive like a baby but it acts rough. It just idles kind of rough - moreso than I think it should. First off I need to say that I am still a novice especially when it comes to tuning with major engine changes. After about 10 mins shaking it goes back to normal all day. It also backfires and it’s not drivable. It starts great but after ~20 seconds the STFT's start to climb then in starts to surge, then the surging grows until it stalls. The engine is a 327 with a edelbrock carb. I've replaced the coolant temp sensor in the manifold, TPS, IAC, EGR, TBI base gasket, and 02 sensor. May 31, 2019 · Rough Idle. About 3 minutes. The sound may be even louder when the weather is cold, but the noise goes away or quiets down significantly when the engine warms up. Runs great when cold. The SS is still running a bit rough after I changed the leads and plugs, but not as bad now. my 94Z idles around 430rpms in gear and around 650 in neutral. Use NGK or Nippon Denso plugs only in your Honda. 0L Turbo) 10: 03-02-2009 10:38 PM: Questions on Rough idle on 06 STI with the following mods origonalp: Factory 2. Touch the throttle slightly and it clears up. The truck is idleing rough after it's warmed up and it begins hesitating. If I sit long enough and it really warms up, the idle will drop down to about 500 and jump a bit between 480 up to 520. How To Find A Vacuum Leak 2004 LS1 GTO m12 6sp catback, cold air, long tube headers, ABEL Racing exhaust, TorquerII cam kit 238/[email protected] 600/605 112 lsa, tuned by aundrea at abel racing of midwest city, oklahoma. Similarly, an excessively rich or lean mix makes the engine hard to start. It is an LT1 with headers and a cold air intake(slp) with dual cones. Will start right back up, because the battery somehow has enough cranking amps. It does this until the car warms up. Will require headers gears & stall speed. I have the same problem with my 99 Silverado Z71. Hence, after knowing the ways to troubleshoot rough idle when warm problem, anyone Wondering if anyone can assist. This is similar to the above in that it stems from poor spark timing. As a guideline, it should be *about* 30 degrees cooler than your engine normally runs. This corresponds to AFR values in the range of 14. Mods included, 10. Then like all the sudden it started running rough and started missing. ), but when it warms up all that disappears. Oct 08, 2012 · 98 LS1 runs like crap on start up once we dip into these lower temperatures. I took it to the dealer they did all the updates ECM and TCM , but said the idle is fine. When you back off the warning disappears and once the engine is warm it's fine. Around a similar time I noticed this click nose from the engine bay, the car seemed to idle roughly. Subject: slow cold idle There are quite a few possibilities - mostly, I'd check for vacuum leaks all over - hoses on the idle bypass, injector seals, any hose that could let air leak into the fuel system after the air-flow meter. I. I have a 5. The car has a mild cam and ported heads and idles at 800rpm. An air filter cleans the air entering the engine and prevents debris from entering the engine and causing damage. most common sensor issues 2002 camaro, rough idle and occassional shutoff at idle, check engine light on - Chevrolet 2002 Camaro question crappy when warm Oct 10 Working on a 06 chevy with a 6. its got a slightly rough idle and it hesitates when I punch it or try to accelerate at low RPM's like below 2000. I had a problem with rough idle on my 80 240 that went away as soon as the car warmed up a bit. The problem I am having is after the truck has been put away for the night around 5pm and sits all night in the garage and then when I go to drive it again the next day around 7:30am the engine is chugging when giving it gas. It may almost Information related to LS1, LS2, LS3, L76, L98 & L77 may be solid distinct knocking sound on one cylinder that is obvious at idle or sometimes a squeaking sound. It's also occasionally had a random flat spot at light throttle. the TPS is not a seperate part like it used to be on LS1 etc. 480 106 114 1700-5500 fair 853-16 n comment: mid-range power, noticeable idle . Jan 12, 2016 · 2. For what it's worth, the 2016 SS manual I started on a dealer lot had a noticeably rough idle after cold start (around 30F ambient), with what appeared like occasional very slight misfire (at idle only). 3L? Once it gets warm, it has a very slight vibration every so often that I can feel while sitting in the drivers seat. and has low oil pressure (~5-10lbs) at Hey guys I need some advice. I had taken it to several mechanics trying to track down the problem. Worse problem is bad hesitation when accelerating after throttle at idle position, sometimes stalling. Recently I have been experiencing rough idle once in a while while stopped at a red light and rough ride at low velocities, plus Aug 08, 2013 · The LS1 cam would certainly offer additional performance if you kept the revs above 4,000 rpm, but know that below that point there was a torque loss. After starting up and waiting around 15-20 seconds it settles down and idles quite roughly. Hot engine - no stall. Adept Ape 149,532 views Sep 07, 2017 · In this episode, we address a misfire issue with the LS1 BMW 318ti. The RPM's vary between 50-100. Target Idle Speed(EPR active): The desired idle RPM when the exhaust pressure regulator is active in relation to coolant temp. The AIC adjusts the engine RPMs by opening and closing a bypass inside the throttle body. BTW the Nov 30, 2012 · When its cold it is in open loop mode and by default would add extra fuel possibly neutralizing the effects of the small vac leak. But over this past winter, I noticed a significant drop in oil pressure at idle when the engine/oil is hot. #'s stock 309 whp and 334wtq, after 398. Shove you fingers on the idle air bleeds and it runs sweet; well then its over lean. T the engine light comes on and it idles rough, misses and wants to die One source of poor idle is a nonworking air idle control unit (AIC). When idling, the RPMs jump around a little bit. Pulled all the plugs; noticed #5 is wet. These may include a clogging air filter, vacuum leaks, air temperature sensor, throttle position sensor, idle air control solenoid, PCV valve, MAF sensor. A new connector is available at Saturn if need be. Aug 28, 2015 · The idle air controller is simply a computer-controlled motor that controls idle. When he had the motor rebuilt it had issues with idle and the computer was sent off and reprogrammed but I'm not sure if it's related. Dec 22, 2011 · Just like the title says, my car runs rough (stutters when under load, pops, etc. Problems with idle speed—things like slow idle, fast idle, rough idle, or stalling after idling for a few seconds—are symptoms that something is wrong with your engine. Strange it was #3 as the mechanic said the fault was with #1 although they did say #6 lead was melted & earthing to manifold. Make sure you connect to a manifold vacuum tap and not to ported vacuum. 579 dur @ . Almost feels like a slight miss or that it has a "cam On an interesting side note, when I changed the ECU, I initially let it warm up until rough idle, then keyed off and on several times, each time waiting for the MIL to go out, then started it again. Typically, if this vehicle runs fine at all other times and will have trouble idling when coming to a stop, it is almost always caused by a bad idle control valve. This cam pulls strongly past 6500 rpm with proven LS6 springs. Jul 06, 2018 · The Summit Stage 1 High-Lift truck cam produces good torque off idle with very good mid-range and good top-end power. Can I reuse my stock lifters and springs when I swap cams? When the plug job was done,it ran well (because engine was warm) the next day with a cold start it ran bad,real rough. Sometimes the sensor will leak coolant into the connector also and corrode the tiny connectors, so look closely at those. Is this a normal thing for these 6. Jul 06, 2014 · HP Tuners Target Idle Tuning for Mild to Large Camshafts | HP tuners Cam Tuning How To - Duration: 25:28. 000k's. Although at steady cruise there is almost no misfires. I just find it to be a strange coiendence, that it ran great until I changed the oil. Almost all of the cams recommended will have a stock-type idle with vacuum at idle being near the stock 18 to 22 inches of mercury (in/Hg). Plugs, Cap, Rotor, I just replaced. This creates a ‘choppy’ power delivery that may be most noticeable at idle. Once warm idles a bit and decreases to 0 RPM. once the car picks up speed it accelerates alot smoother but you will notice the roughness when cruising around 50mph-60mph and you lightly press the gas. Idle surging can be caused due to other issues in the car but if it happens in conjunction with other throttle position sensor symptoms, the culprit is TPS. 3lL that once it gets into normal temperature, the car RPM drops to about 500 and it just idles rough. Trust me. Rough Idle Only When Warm/Hot I have been having this reoccurring problem for the last thousand miles or so: I have a 93 formula with 82k miles. It sounds like its missing and surging and sometimes it dies. If you have the air/fuel ratio set properly and your engine can idle somewhat decently, even if it's by holding the throttle pedal down off closed-throttle to keep the engine from stalling, you can begin by setting a ball-park ignition advance value. 4th Gen Camaro LS1 (1998-2002 Camaro) Jun 18, 2020: Code P0304 Cylinder 4 Misfire: 4th Gen Camaro LS1 (1998-2002 Camaro) Jun 9, 2019: Share This Page. mc22136 hyd 3 215 230 284 310 . 5 inch exhaust. Since many hot rodders want their hot rods to sound the The car was owned by a friend of mine before, motor was rebuilt 15k ago and has high-lift rockers on a stock cam. Apr 03, 2018 · The troubleshooting procedure for high and low idle conditions are similar, which are included in the following: Difficulty Scale: 4 of 10 Step 1 - If the check engine or service engine light soon has illuminated retrieving the diagnostic trouble codes could lead you in the right direction of what the problem is, or is related too. I just did a tune up on it (Plugs and wires). The car has a Last night driving home from work, car is warm, driving down the street about 30 mph and I feel the car just get rough. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. At least when it is dry I can drive it. Engine won’t idle smoothly, idles too slowly, or stalls. Sep 14, 2015 · 92 camaro z28: car stalls. It's rougher than my '00 LS1, but also has a more aggressive cam. See all 4 photos. Home Forums > Camaro General & Tech Talk > 4th Gen Camaro LS1 (1998-2002 Camaro) > My car's LS1 idle is too low. RPMs will fluctuate quite a bit and then settle down. 2000 LS1. Jun 02, 2019 · Run her hard for a bit and the idle is smooth again. then work on other issues. Heres my issue. It does this at idle, a lot at decel, and some at cruise. Recently the exhaust has started to make a popping noise at idle. Have std VZ SS and the idle is running rough. 2nd start up it was a little rough, hunted for maybe 3 seconds then the rpm perked up to 1000rpm before settling to a good idle. STEP 1. 6:1 Rockers. 0L Turbo Powertrain (EJ Series Factory 2. thats typically very low as well. 2 L99 VR 2SS/RS: XS Power stainless full exhaust, Airaid CAI, BMR drop springs and sways, custom tune by Cal Speed- 411rwhp Jul 20, 2006 · Wheelman[/quote']The car stumbles quite a bit coming off of idle and low RPMs, but seems to go away at higher RPMs. At first I thought the clutch was slipping but that wouldn't explain the rough idle. 1: car starts right up, so I don't think that the fuel pump is bad 2: when it's idling rough and I try to press on the pedal, sometimes a loud popping noise comes out of Jun 20, 2019 · (Start car with slightly depressed throttle, hold for 5 seconds, turn off car, then wait 10 seconds, test idle). My boss' 2013 F-150 has a noticeably rough idle when cold. Changed o2 sensor it went away and i proceeded with my tune. 3l Flexw/ 163K mi has a variable rough idle when warm. You don't want to wait to get this checked out! If the idling appears off, it means the computer is unable to identify the fully shut throttle. When the car is warm, it will start up fine. Rough idle, acts like stalling; No Start on 93 SC2; Power Cuts in and out on long drives '97 SL2 blow by issues; 1997 SL1 Won't start when below 30; my starter sticks on my 99 sl1; sl 5 speed manual xmission; 99 sl2 wont start; SL1 Problem - dont really know what to say; 01 SL1 wont start; SL2 rear speaker help; 2001 Transmission shifts hard Same thing on my si. Quite a bit of carbon comes out of the exhaust as well. Insufficient fuel injection starves the engine for fuel, leading to rough idling and perhaps even random cylinder misfiring. Check Engine Light comes on The truck doesn't seem to have a dead miss anywhere, but the idle is noticeably rougher after it warms up. Oct 14, 2007 · 2003 Silverado Ext Cab 5. LS1/LS2 Engine Tech . Jul 30, 2004 · There is a light to medium loudness tapping noise that you hear at idle and under light acceleration when the engine is cold. Come Mar 02, 2011 · Hey all. Another sign of a Sensor (CKP) Failure is the constant stalling and backfiring of the engine. This is perfectly normal. Cold engine, 50-90°F - almost stalls. 3 w/ K&N CAI & live in Wisconsin. $ 600. Engine was rebuilt 60km's ago. Pull up at the next set of lights and it's fine. 6 roller rockers has a total lift of . =35 psi ,275hp and 850nm replace yoru fuel filter next to the tank. In the morning or after work [cold start] I turn the key and the truck would either keep cranking without starting or start and idle very rough. The Crux. New spark plugs, wires are good even switched them and didn't change anything, checked coil packs and switched them around no change, then even put in new injectors still the same. a rough idle. 2007 GU II Patrol,TD42,GTX3071, Performance 4x4 12mm pump, Viper Clutch, Radius Snorkel and Airbox. 050 242/248 LSA: 113: XFI Hydraulic Roller-Good mid-range with excellent top end. At idle, the ECM will not get the correct information and the throttle will variate randomly causing idle surging. It will not idle and runs rough?. 5:1. Hey guys I need some advice. It has fresh gas though. The cam with my 1. 595/. Here are a few things I've noticed. they are notorious for failing on LS1's, I have had more LS1 PCV hoses than LS1 powered cars. Question im getting p0300 p0301 p0302 p0303 random misfires on 3 cylinders. The miss at idle got much worse. 08 – 0. I have a warm idle problem. One of the most common symptoms of a clogged fuel injector is a rough engine idle. December 2007 edited June 2014 in Lincoln. Injectors pulse, plugs spark, have fuel pressure. It’s hard to tell if a filter is clogged, so it’s best to replace at each tune-up. temp seems to make no difference. Sep 24, 2014 · This is a wild guess but it seems a lot of times with rough idle, if the IACV is not at fault and all the other usual crap checks out (good fuel pressure, spark on all 4 cylinders, air filter doesn’t look like a cigarette smoker’s lungs, etc) then one place to suspect are the intake gaskets. I am having a similar problem with my 2002 Buick Lesabre. LS Engine Designation: LS1 ('98'00) Displacement May 18, 2016 · I think a lot of it is attributed to the DI. long storie short followed a couple tuning guides but cant seem to dial in idle at this time brief overview of engine mild ported 243 heads new rebuilt block 99 ls1 ls6 intake ported maf ends 4" cold air intake ported stock trottle body 42lb injectors 3600 stalll shift kit etc Feb 28, 2014 · Rough idling can also be caused by clogged filters. One has to do with 02 sensor the other with cat converter they said. 5 on your dash. To bad you are not closer, I gave a complete built gt engine and 4-speed and clutch parts for a 68 cer you would love to have. I replaced the plugs a few years ago and it got better but has been getting worse again of late. Once I hit 2k, it opens up and screams. This condition can be extreme enough to cause stalling or to cause the tires to chirp when the transmission is engaged. Not really a miss , but a shimmy . Unplug the IAC valve located on the passenger side, rear of the throttle body. Since I have had the car, it has always seemed to be running a bit rich, but performed fine. . Engine Missing A bad oxygen sensor can impede the air/fuel mixture of an engine or interfere with the engine combustion, both of which can cause an engine to miss, or run irregularly. 28 g/cyl inclusive (HPT > Engine > Spark Control > Spark Advance > Idle Spark Advance (in Hey guys I have recently developed a idle issues on my lt1, it's a 95 lt1 in my 56 belair has a cam some head work headers intake MSD Optispark, backed by a tko600 trans, when it is cold it runs fine no issues once its at O. Doesn't seem down on power, though with the overkill prop I have on her for the reservoir we normally boat it would be hard to notice. it pretty much acts the same way hot or cold. Rough Idle When Starting Cold, Then Goes Away When Engine Is At Operating Temperature More Details Below I have an older, low mileage vehicle with a V8 engine. EmeliaHartford Recommended for you. Insert a T-30 size Torx driver into the Idle adjustment screw that is located behind the plug removed earlier. Sep 12, 2019 · Hey guys i got my vy ls1 ute and i have noticed that when it warms up it seems to idle high (1500 rpms). May 27, 2012 · Tried diagnosing by removing the IAC (increases idle rev) then removing each lead one by one to see which DID NOT drop idle. I have a LS1 with a custom cam227/228@50, 550lift and 114 L/C. as far as the low idle in gear, 500rpms is not anything to worry about unless its spitting and sputtering. 7-litre LS1 V8 engine s, General Motors' LS V8 engines are regarded as being generally reliable. Oct 09, 2014 · I have a 2000 Z28 that has a rough idle only on cold start. comment: good mid-range, noticeable idle . While I'm sitting idle at traffic lights I put the car into neutral. I was thinking that the loose fouled plug caused the coil pack to over load and go bad…Now when the weather is wet it makes it way worse. If it stuck in certain position the may run fine cold, but not so well hot. 0 5. 3 liter with 160,000 miles on it and you can't even tell it is running. If it runs at 180 when warm then 150 is your target (this is typical for a 160* thermostat). 9:18. Unplug mass air flow sensor restart truck and drive to see if helped. What different things can cause this or what should I look for? Here are a few things that have recently been replaced that relate to the fuel system: Oct 17, 2012 · I have a 2001 Toyota Corolla AE112R AUTO with a 7A-FE engine (if this helps), a while back i had a blocked IAC valve which made my car idle low when cold (~500-600 rpm) and idle high when hot (1200-1300rpm) – i removed the IAC and cleaned it out and fixed that issue (back to cold = ~1100-200rpm, hot = 900-1000rpm, IAC was jammed ~30% open). This goes for all vortec 4. Start the engine. Most of the time the valve fails making it impossible for the computer to adjust the idle to the correct level. It gradually smooths out, and if I drive around and stop at a light, it will idle just fine. COLD weather - don't know yet. Diagnosing a clogged injector is not always My best guess would be that the internals of the engine are just too cold and are causing friction between the joint of the motor which in turn could be slowing them down at idle; or maybe, because you haven't driven it in a long time, the fluids in your car just have to get warm and flowing right again. In my case me AFM probelms were temp reated because the AFM work differently at different temps. Rough idle is in gear or neutral, so not a drivetrain issue. Used carb I have the same problem with my 99 Silverado Z71. Nov 05, 2019 · 2) Idle Surging. Apr 11, 2007 · Similar Threads - surging rough idle Forum Date; Did a Cam swap now have surging issues. It'll start fine, run up to high idle, then drop to a low idle of about 700 rpm, and then over about 2-3 min drop do … read more engine running rough after warm up. Vehicle: 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport, 4. So I completed my cam install last night on my '04 M6, and the car idles fine at cold start and under normal load driving conditions. Lets get this worked out first. Jul 18, 2020 · For reference the engine is an 02 LS1 with a LS2 street heat stage 2 cam from Tick (how ironic) performance, stock 241 un-milled heads, stock MLS gaskets, comp cams trunnion upgrade, BTR dual valve springs, 7. 5 years. Found #3 to be the culprit, so have tried both new lead & plug to no effect. 5L Turbo Powertrain (EJ Series Factory 2. vacuum leak I have a 92 camaro z28 with a tpi 5. Now mind you, I only drove it for two minutes around my neighborhood to see if Nov 28, 2008 · While you have your file open, set your Min temp for adaptive idle to an appropriate temperature (HPT > Engine > Idle > Idle RPM > Adaptive Idle RPM Min ECT). Aug 28, 2018 · This is only on initial start whether the weather is hot or cold. May 01, 2008 · Fair: rough idle, slight off-idle stumble (1) Heavy first and second gear wheelspin from huge torque, had to pedal car which affected mph (2) Slight first-gear wheelspin from huge torque, unstable Feb 23, 2012 · As for rough idling, most of the time, it's the iginition system: check your coils, sparks and wires. Oct 30, 2012 · The engine starts fine when cold and idles really smooth without any rocking until it gets warm. But once I leave, stop in idle, it starts doing it again. Usually if revving the engine makes the temperature fall, the issue is that there's not enough head pressure at idle. memories Posts: 2. 2:31. See picture Seems like its lacking power when under load trying to go uphill Fast idle and idle control is determined by the air regulator, the Auxiliary Air Control (AAC) valve and the F. During the rough idle, I notice the tach needle quivering and that the engine is revving lower than normal. A larger LSA (wider) generally gives a smoother idle in street engines. 3 Powerstroke Changed oil runs rough [ Re: klmbranch ] #3170053 10/28/13 10:20 AM Jun 20, 2012 · I have a 2000 Chevy S10 4x4 4. I replaced the coil, didnt check the ICM. The 60 has been running a little rough and wanted to get your opinions on where to start. warm up the engine by driving gently until its at full operating temperature. After letting it run for a bit while holding it at 1500 rpm it finally would idle on it's own but at 500 rpm not 875 which is stock for a manual transmission vehicle. I've found this to be too much IAC control when it's closing (toward zero). Sep 06, 2019 · Also, GM V8 engines are very prone to a rough idle and misfire when cold. Idle problems are typically IAC related. Will require headers, gears and 2500+ stall. Every once in a while when the gauge temperature gets up to normal it will smooth out, idle normally, and generally run awesomely (is that a word?) When it settles down to the correct idle, its rough because it has a broken engine mount. even moving the idle screw a HAIR belowim talking maybe 1/8th of an inch of turnthe engine sputters and starts to die. 580 and . 546 107 117 2500-6500 rough 853-16 n Or, the sensor fails intermittently and your computer can no longer calibrate that bank of the engine correctly. Also the chip has the idle set at 650 RPM's. Engine going to idle speed with ESP/BAS light could be faulty brake pedal switch or loss of vehicle speed signal. When the engine is started cold, regardless of the outside temperature, the idle is rough and there is a noticable power loss. Idles fine until warm. Most good-running late-model cars will achieve a lambda value of . I have a 98 Z28 Auto. Jan 06, 2016 · Chevy silverado 5. 7 LT1 Camaro Z28 , to the sold 2002 5. , the exhaust still smells like raw fuel, even with AFR set at 14 or 14. 2. SUM-8701: Stage 2 LS Vortec truck: 218/227 Jun 27, 2010 · I have a 2000 corvette LS1 6 speed and the engine idles apx. and the car sometimes starts up at a slightly higher than normal idle. After that the car wouldn't idle. 94 Lt1 Camaro, SLP exhaust, hypertech chip, K&N Intake, 180 degree  You may have noticed that your car, truck, or SUV has developed a rough idle. When I'm sitting at the lights it will shake a little. Re: Fluctuating idle/Fluctuating voltage 01-03-05 07:19 PM - Post# 590567 In response to backup sounds to me like it could be the all to troublesome positive battery side post, if you guys have the original ac delco battery I would definatly check the positive battery terminal to see if it has any type of corrosion or possible leakage they are notoriuos for leaking or even busting the seal The idle stablizer valve is also heat related. Would this cause my car to idle so rough? Jan 18, 2011 · Very rough idle with a repetitive cycle that is smooth for a couple of seconds then misses badly, occasionally stalling. Re: 4. Justin Cesler Mar 10, 2011 Jun 04, 2015 · Hello Everyone, New member, first time posting (so take it easy please) Engine and truck info: 2. I prefer to further open the throttle blades to achieve a IAC position of 3 counts or 5% at hot idle. The engine stays idling at about 1000 RPM. I believe that was because I did not have the idle set right so IAC could work. I'm not sure if that's entirely normal or not. I have '10 GMC sierra 1500 5. At high rpms it seems to be missing and has lowered power. Jan 20, 2019 · There are a number of sensors that may cause the engine hard to start when hot and may cause as well a rough idle. When the engine is cold, it runs as smooth as glass, but when the engine starts to get warm, the idle is rough, as though it has a miss or a stumble. now i have looked into this and i checked the PCV hose and i replaced it because the old one the join was busted. 480 and . I can also correct the problem by disconnecting a vacuum line for a few seconds. 6 Nov 25, 2012 · This just started happening to my truck also. Loss of power, sounds very raggedy, sounds like it has dropped a cylinder or something. But, as the engine warms up, the engine misfire or rough idle tends to go away, which seems confusing. Hope you get it sorted! My '04 had a weak starter, combined with an old battery, flooded the engine. I start the car and it idles fine. My car used to idle at 800 rpm, but now, when the engine is cold, it idles at about 1500 rpm, going down to 800 as the engine warms up. The thing is, since it has gotten warm around here every time I start it up it has had a s***ty idle; It acts like it is dropping a cylinder, runs super rich, and fouls plugs rather quickly. Hard Starting. Log in May 11, 2007 · My 2002 Chev Suburban 1500 5. I go through 02 sensors  27 Feb 2018 Whats up people! This video is a How to possibly fix your rough idle problems,. Question . Rough Idle. Brent Wondering if anyone can assist. Jun 03, 2011 · rough idle on cold start ups: hockeygm: Factory 2. I pulled the plugs and saw they were gapped at . I started with the basics i changed all spark plugs all wires all coils and filter still getting rough idle car starts for seconds then shuts off. 18 : Idle Engine warm?, AC on, M6 19 : Idle Engine warm?, AC off 20 : Idle Engine Cold?, AC off 21 : Non load (? deceleration) 22 : WOT Non load cells 0-5, 21 Idle 17-20 Part Throttle 6-14 WOT 15, 22 . 550/. 85:1. Jan 27, 2013 · If you get onto an over lean cammed engine and rap the throttle it will blow black smoke. Jul 12, 2018 · The last few days i's been running rough,like one cylinder is missing,the same symptoms as before I had the coils changed. 8 hard start, rough idle, hard shifting Dec 06 2014, 9:09pm the same thing happen to me it was the o2 sensors before the cat i changed them first and it went away they have a heating element in them to get them to temp. Strong Idle. Perform The Bottle Test or Bubble Test. After this it starts to run rough and backfire at low rpms. Time seems to be the only cure. I'm driving this 2K 4Runner. The check engine light may also come on, with codes P0300, P0171 and PO174. close the blade. 37:1 to 14. Anyone have any tips for improving the cold start idle? Or is this just the reality of having a Stage 2 cam and LS1 TB? 01 V8 LS HOT IDLE PROBLEM. Yours is improperly set. However, once the engine reaches FULL operating temperature the idle is smooth and power returns. Re: Ford 7. The cold weather has created some problems though. 3l engine 81K Miles Stock configuration In the last month, noticed that idle is lower than normal. Nov 16, 2005 · She's got an incredibly rough idle, sitting there not in gear at about 750rpm she just about wants to die. Jan 15, 2017 · A car running rough can be tricky to diagnose. LS1, running a walbro 255(I believe) and a corvette filter/regulator, oem gm carbed tank, 3/8" feed line, returnless rail, etc. Ac on and hot idle would drop to almost 500 then revover to about 1200. Any ideas? Thanks in With the throttle plate open when above idle it would mask any problem above idle speed and a idle setting from the IAC valve stepper motor may be fine when warm but not when cold. 050" 232*/228* lift . Jun 01, 2011 · It also idles rough aftter getting off of the hiway and having to sit a a red light. 5L Turbo) 3: 04-07-2006 11:34 AM: low/rough idle on warm starts: raginbull74 During the first few minutes after starting the car the idle varies widely from 400 - 1000 rpms. No other major mods but the car idles high, between 1100-1500 even when warm. Drop down a gear to raise the RPM's and everything is fine. the way it stumbles when it is about to stall then catches itself it is quite abrupt. Look at the bottom of the text screen, you'll see PGM Idle 650 Post back. Any leaner and it idles rough. There is a light to medium loudness tapping noise that you hear at idle and under light acceleration when the engine is cold. Report; Follow; Asked by John Dec 17, 2015 at 04:38 PM about the 1988 Chevrolet Blazer Silverado 2-Door 4WD. perfectly normal, idle should be around 1200 – 1300rpm when cold (just starting) and settle back to 700 – 800rpm when normal operating temps. What Idle Tests Can Reveal. It is because rough idle when warm can either be caused by one faulty component or through series of problems. I changed the oil yesterday and the idle isn't as rough now, but I can still feel it. Forum discussion: I have a 2002 Volvo S40 with 98k miles on it. Misfire after warm up. Last edited by shrinker; 11-06-2007 at 10 Fast idle and idle control is determined by the air regulator, the Auxiliary Air Control (AAC) valve and the F. Jul 19, 2011 · I have three main focuses right now for the idle. The cam is a compcam 212-12-2 and the manufacturer says the following it has a duration of 280/280 and a lift of . Sometimes it all depends on system maintenance. AFR Info Rough Idle When Cold. 7 vortec bogs under load repair. As shown in the picture, these items are located at the back left (right if your standing in front of the car) of the engine, behind the inlet manifold. Feb 11, 2015 · Toyota 4runner pickup 22RE - rough, unstable, surging idle only when warm hot cold start injector - Duration: 9:18. Worst after stationary idle, but also after moving at low to medium speed with closed throttle and then accelerating. My VX SS has a terrible misfire with a rough idle that is throwing no codes. Then corrects itself and drives fine. I've heard people write that this is a normal cold-engine idle speed, but it wasn't like that when it was new, and I don't like the car's driving characteristics from 0 to the first couple of gear shifts. The car idles great until it reaches 195 degrees. It happened a few months ago, but is starting to do it almost daily now, in the extreme cold. the car stalls when I come to a stop. Dec 04, 2009 · When you're at idle the system tries to send only a little bit of fuel and if there is any flow restriction it will not get enough fuel into the cylinder to maintain the engine properly, thus the rough engine operation and vibration. Head back up a hill and really start to feel it. Then when the sensor kicks back on, the computer gets the information it needs and the idle smooths out. AFR is around 14. I asked my mechanic about the phenomenon and he mentioned that it was not a-typical for carbureted engines. So I replaced the AC Delco plugs with Denso. Car still idles rough like its misfiring after the car warms up. 52 rwtq 12. If you can only start the engine when your foot is on the accelerator, you probably have a MAP sensor problem. The rough vibration gradually goes away as I increase RPM from idle (idle is ~690rpm when warm. You might feel that the engine runs rough or vibrates at idle, say, when you’re sitting at a red light. Flaming Fire Racing aka the404man 79,215 views Jun 21, 2018 · Test For A Cracked Cylinder Head or Head Gasket. Discussion in ' 4th Gen Camaro LS1 (1998-2002 Camaro) ' started by hauler , Apr 1, 2018 . 70 @ 109 mph on dr's and slipping clutch, twin disc alluminum clutch and flywheel, under drive pulley in the works! But sometimes the car will start up right away with no problems just the rough idle now. Same thing happened after work when I started the car after it was sitting there for 9 hours. 02 at idle in closed-loop with all electrical consumers turned off. Inconsistent Idle The first and most telling symptom of a failing TPS is an idle that rises and falls sporadically or maintains a very high or low RPM. Car just hesitates when you accelerate a little too hard when the engine is cold and it is an intermittant problem. Never an issue with firing up. May 11, 2007 · My 2002 Chev Suburban 1500 5. So if you have a rough idle with your 4 cylinder Honda, this might be a contributing factor to your rough idle. I will try check the wires and filter and try the dealer one more time; but what pisses me off I really love the car. I got it from an estate sale super cheap due to a rough idle and stalling issue. Last thing is, at that mileage, get a compression test done. 3) Check Engine Light Mar 29, 2019 · It has a rough idle at start, the check engine light is on, and the idle corrects itself usually after 20 to 30 seconds. Connecting a tachometer also is a good idea. Turn key engine harness, non feedback. It's not that LS1, running a walbro 255(I believe) and a corvette filter/regulator, oem gm carbed tank, 3/8" feed line, returnless rail, etc. Engine) Problem Im having is that once the car is warm, say after 15-20 mins, and i put my foot down or come up to a hill, the car coughs and splutters and carries on and loses speed. Any idea? Could it be the O2 sensors? When I first start my car up in the morning it runs great for about 5-10 mins or until warm. 550 lsa 117* 2a: single turbo / reverse street / strip perfect for 1. A fuel injector that is starting to clog has a certain feel. What complicates a rough idle/misfire condition is having the PCM not register any specific misfire codes. 5 pistons, LT1 cam, hv oil pump, double roller chain, ported heads May 21, 2018 · Step 1 - There are several combinations of misfire conditions, steady or random, at idle or under power, which may or may not be detected by the computer and trigger a check engine or service engine soon light, read trouble codes to help pinpoint the cylinder(s) in question and follow the repair guide below. With the factory cam, it idled perfectly at the 650/750 rangeand i bought the thumpr cam specifically for that low lopey idle, and am disappointed that for whatever reason, it wont stay running below 1k. Jul 14, 2008 · I have a NBS 07 it idles a little rough . chocoholicforbooze 3,505 views. Everything seems to be shaking in the car, its very noticeable. Mar 25, 2016 · One of the most common symptoms of a clogged fuel injector is a rough engine idle, and yes, we are seeing more and more clogged fuel injector problems. After reading your post I think you can have your cake and eat it too! You have set reasonable goals. ss/sk dual spring kit & pushrod set $379. But my 1996 Firebird T/A WS6 My Mods: Pacesetter longtube headers, 3 Inch exhaust with an ORY and a Magnaflow catback exhaust minus the cat, CC503 cam , 918 valve springs, 32lb injectors, mail order power tune by solomon, MSD6AL box, C5 Zo6 rims with BFG G-force KDW's and Moser Ford 9 inch with 4. Feb 21, 2006 · Similar Threads - rough idle exhaust Forum Date; exhaust popping, spitting ,clunking, and rough idle. Vitviper ftmfw. When you start the engine, it won't run at a steady rate. Drives lovely. Sometimes it gets so low I have to tap the throttle to keep it from stalling. BrendanM writes Pcv hoses go very soft and split on those things. 00 indicate a rich mixture; values above 1. The first step I take to solve a rough idle issue is to start with a good tune up. Sep 22, 2013 · LS1 rough idle after bolt ons and AIR/EGR delete - Duration: 2:31. $399. After that, it idles like a champ. Jun 27, 2010 · I have a 2000 corvette LS1 6 speed and the engine idles apx. Idle for a few seconds and die. You can zero in on several basic mechanical problems by taking a quick look at manifold vacuum. an EFI Pontiac engine can run leaner during a cold start through warm-up than a carburetor counterpart Apr 19, 2019 · Note: An additive can sometimes, however, cause a rough idle problem. Jun 28, 2013 · I am running 4L65E transmission. p0300  Hi there, the above car has lately been running rough when cold but evens out when warm, The problem is it is using fuel at a phenomenal rate  LT1-LT4 Modifications - LT1 Guru Needed, Misfire when warm - Ok, here is my problem. Once it cools down, it works and runs fine. If you have a smaller LSA (narrow), the valve timing tends to seal the cylinder for a longer period of time, but also gives a rough idle quality. Once I reach a stop sign, the car stalls out unless I keep my foot in the gas. If you start to experience engine misfires, stalling, or rough idling when the car is stopped, it can also be a warning sign of a failing TPS. Dec 03, 2011 · Cams over 15º overlap, idle 950-1100 all cells across the board, add 3-4 g/sec to idle airflow across the board both in P/N and in gear (HPT > Engine > Idle > Idle Airflow > Base Running Airflow), add 6º of idle timing 1200 rpm and under and 0. Since then I've had a random rough idle when I've pulled up at the lights, it rocks around like it's got a huge cam in it, except it hasn't. I've changed the plugs, wires, and checked one of the original Jan 19, 2019 · I have a 2004 Mazda 6 2. My clubby is an 03 June build with 31. Holden VZ Commodore: LS1 and L76 V8 engines Overview With the exception of the early 5. The idle was terrible too. Jun 03, 2011 · However if I drive around and let the engine heat up, then restart it, I get a rough idle for about 30 seconds. When driving around town, it accelerates perfect, it cruises perfect, but when I come to a stop, I have this rough idle. 7 ltr. 99 to 1. Warm the engine to normal temperature-get it really warm-and connect your vacuum gauge. Jul 04, 2015 · The throttle blades (idle speed screw) is often set to position the IAC motor at 8-12 counts or 15%+ at hot idle. Since it was obviously missing, I needed to find the misfiring cylinder. 045 and reinstalled them but they did look kinda fouled out. Does yours settle down after it warms up? Mine starts out at about 1700-2000 RPMs and then drops to about 900 when it warms up. Idles rough too. Idle RPM (driveaway): Idle speed for driveaway. As it warms up the idle air control adjusts to this vacuum leak and when the key is off the idle air control resets itself causing a hard start up due to the vacuum leak not being compensated for. RPM's raise to 2k and then drop and that happens until the car warms up. This time it started with an idle around 1500rpm, slowly dropped to 1k, then quickly cycled back up to 1500. If the valve fails or has any issues it can cause the idle speed to be thrown off. It has a rough idle and it smells like it is running rich. and clean your filter, but ls1's are common to run a little rough when they could but once they heat up they seem to go ok Car: 07 VE SSV 6LTR L98 A6 Metalic Silver Need help with LS1/4L60e tune, bad idle I know this has been covered in may different ways, and I've searched around but haven't found a fix. At idle, while your engine is running rough, perform a cylinder drop test by pulling the plug one cylinder at a time. Ray Nada 8,582 views. Recently I have been experiencing rough idle once in a while while stopped at a red light and rough ride at low velocities, plus Jun 01, 2019 · The idle of a car engine is kind of like a human heartbeat: You can tell what shape it's in just by listening. ls1 rough idle when warm

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